Frequently Asked Questions

What are BlockBots?

BlockBots is a deflationary NFT collection of 3D avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each BlockBot is a 3D Voxel character, which is your gateway to join a movement attempting to overthrow the tyrant rule of AI overlords over the planet. Ownership includes complete exclusive copyrights to your 3D Voxel avatar and the freedom to do whatever you want with it! Check the roadmap for more information!

How are BlockBots created?

Each BlockBot is created by algorithmically combining different traits and layers of varying rarities and powers, in various categories (body, legs, head, weapons, etc).

How are BlockBots stored?

BlockBots are NFT tokens based on the ERC721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The media is stored on IPFS using Pinata.

Who is the team behind BlockBots?

BlockBots is built by the team at Indorse Pte Ltd, a Singapore based blockchain company. The founders of Indorse have deep expertise in the blockchain industry and have been working on Bitcoin and Ethereum projects since 2015.

Wen Bots? What price?

All BlockBots have been minted, you can join the movement by acquiring yours on OpenSea. See you in our hideout!

What is a “trait”?

A trait is a single characteristic associated with a BlockBot. Each BlockBot has a number of traits associated with it.

A trait is something that a BlockBot is born with. Traits will change ONLY if two BlockBots are combined in the Deflatinator.

Example traits - primary weapon, headgear, body, legs, secondary weapon

What is power?

Power is the uniqueness/rarity score for BlockBots, based on the particular traits associated with them.

For example - a BlockBot from the “Royalty” clan with the Excalibur sword will have very high power, while a BlockBot from the “Citizen” clan with no weapons will have a much lower power level.

Can power be upgraded?

Every BlockBot is born with a “base power”, which will change ONLY if the bot is combined with another BlockBot in the Deflatinator. Other than that, the “base power” will always remain constant.

What is a power-up?

Power-up = temporary power

Power-ups are the accessories (weapons, shields) that increase the power of your BlockBot for a block-bout fight.

Every power-up is an ERC1155 token and can be equipped with any bot before a fight.

Equipping a “power-up” DOES NOT change the “base power” of a bot. It just increases the power temporarily for a fight.

Example - Suppose you are a “Superhero” clan bot - and you have a weapon which is a handgun. You can go to the PowerUp marketplace and buy a missile launcher. ANY of your superhero bots can now use this missile launcher in a fight.

Traits vs power ups

  • A trait is something that a BlockBot is born with! It determines the power of the bot.
  • Power-ups are the wearables, weapons, and accessories that can be equipped for a bot fight

Why should I play the block-bouts game?

As a BlockBot belonging to a particular clan, you can ONLY equip power-ups from that specific clan. The only way to get the power-ups from other clans is to defeat one of their BlockBots in a block-bout.

A power-up is an ERC1155 token that could be sold on the marketplace for IND tokens.

Are power-ups transferable between bots?

Basic power-ups are restricted to particular clans. Within this clan, any bot can use the clan power-ups.

What do you get after winning the block-bouts game?

You get a single randomly selected power-up from the losing BlockBot.

Blockbout mechanics - how it works

  • You will go to our website (once it is live)
  • Connect your Metamask wallet
  • Choose one of your bots for the fight
    • You will see the power level of each of your bots
  • You can increase the power of your bots by buying power-ups from our marketplace and equipping your bots with them
  • Once you buy the power-ups (which is optional), you enter the fighting arena
  • You will be matched with a bot who is roughly in the same power range as your bot -
    • Power 800-1000 - heavyweight
    • Power 500-800 - lightweight
    • Power 100-500 - featherweight
  • The winner of the fight will be determined based on the base power of the bot + the power-ups used during the fight
  • The winning bot gets ownership of a single randomly selected power-up of the losing bot