What are BlockBots?

BlockBots is a deflationary NFT collection of 3D avatars living on the Ethereum blockchain. Use your BlockBot is the web-based play-to-earn game to win IND tokens and in-game items. Ownership includes complete exclusive copyrights to your 3D Voxel avatar and the freedom to do whatever you want with it! Check the roadmap for more information!

Where can I buy BlockBots?

All the BlockBots have been minted, you can now acquire them on Opensea.

What are Attributes?

Attributes are the uniqueness/rarity score for BlockBots, based on the particular traits associated with them. For example - a BlockBot from the “Royalty” clan will have higher attributes than a BlockBot from the “Citizen” clan.

What are PowerUps?

Power-Ups NFTs are in-game weapons and items that can be equipped before battles. Use PowerUps to boost the overall attributes of your bot and increase your chances of winning! Get your PowerUps on the marketplace.

How can I check the rarity of a BlockBot?

You can visit our collection on Rarity Sniper.

When is the game launching?

After a successful Public Alpha, the V1 of the game will launch in July 2022!

How can I play the game?

You need to own a BlockBot to enter the Arena. You can play HERE, by connecting your Metamask wallet

What are the game mechanics?

The BlockBots is a strategic web-based play-to-earn game. To play you will need to select one of your BlockBots, equip it with PowerUps, and choose your strategy for the fight. You will then be matched with a BlockBot that is roughly the same power range as yours. The winner of the fight will be determined based on the base power of the bot & the PowerUps used.

What are the different game modes?

Exhibition: Free to play matches.
Arena: Battle to win PowerUps from your opponents.
Championship: Fight your bot to earn IND tokens.

How can I acquire IND on Polygon?

Simply follow the steps provided here.