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is a deflationary NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain! Each BlockBot is a 3D voxel avatar that could be used across Metaverses, games and more. BlockBots can be equipped with PowerUps to increase their chances of winning battles in the upcoming Play-to-Earn game.

In a metaverse not so far away

Forty years have passed since the first DeFi and NFT summer! Blockchain digitised finance all over the world but inadvertently paved a path for autonomous systems to control everything! Now our planet Earth is ruled by AI overlords.

There is a secret underground movement called BlockBots!

  • The founding members are hardcore degens and HODLers from the 2020s era.
  • Our inspirations are the NFT art projects of yore!
  • To blend in with the robots, humans have developed a new weapon: the BlockBots.
We are sending out this call to all remaining humans on this forsaken planet: the resistance is alive, join us!
The BlockBots
How to join the underground BlockBots movement?
  • Acquire your very own BlockBot avatar on the secondary market on OpenSea.
  • This 3D avatar will become your robot AI overlord disguise! Join our Discord undergroundhideout and start interacting with fellow BlockBots owners!
Deflationary tokenomics
A common BlockBot is just the beginning of your journey! Level up your bot into an even rarer and more powerful bot by combining two bots into one!
BlockBots DeFi
Don't let your BlockBots sit in your wallets. You can turn them into reward-producing assets by either -
  • Staking your NFTs in the Indorse Staking Contract, thus getting IND token rewards
  • Depositing your BlockBot NFT into an NFTX vault and opening up liquidity on SushiSwap
Block-bout Play-to-Earn Game
BlockBouts is an upcoming game where players fight epic battles against other bots to win PowerUps and IND tokens! BlockBot owners can already buy & sell PowerUps for their bots on the Marketplace.
Technical Details

We have been in the blockchain space for a while now, and we know our stuff! Our team does not just use state of the art technology, but rather, we push the boundaries of the NFT space forward!

We know NFTs inside out. Here’s our “NFT stack”!

  • Smart Contracts - Ethereum blockchain
  • Images and media files - IPFS
  • Metadata - IPFS and Blockchain
  • “Rarity” upgrades - recorded on the blockchain
Our Roadmap
About Us
A team of OGs who have been in blockchain & NFT space before it was "cool". Worked on creating Blockchain standards, building gorgeous Web3 products and growing community-first projects among other things.
Follow @BlockBotsNFT for more info & @joinindorse to know more about the parent company.