Once you own a blockbot, you can complete multiple adventures and help us overthrow the AI overlords.
Level up your bots and make them rarer by merging them in our Deflatinator and record this on the blockchain.
Customise it
Create generative art and tattoo it on your BlockBot.
BlockBot hideout
Visit the BlockBot Metaverse hideout and draw graffiti on the shared wall in Decentraland.
Block-bout fights
Block-bouts - buy power-ups, fight your bot against other bots to win unique and advanced power-ups.
BlockBots can be converted into reward-producing assets by staking them or putting them in NFTX vaults.
Name your BlockBot
Personalize your BlockBot by changing its name. You will need to spend a few IND tokens to accomplish this on the blockchain.
Keep an eye on this page for more adventures.